Vice Principal's Message
Vice Principal's Message

There is a great saying “Real education fetches you more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way.

As a new Vice Principal of Sacred Heart Convent School I am delighted that the school’s core values align with my own personal values. I am certain that the development of the school has been significant as the school upholds these values and is a shining star in the crown of Barnala city. Here at Sacred Heart the curriculum emphasizes on critical thinking building scientific temper with God experience, coupled with compassion, love for nature and life. The education imparted here focuses on child. The students are taught to integrate science with technology by using mass media with discretion not merely remaining tech-savvy. The learners are constantly encouraged to appreciate and accept the diverse cultures creed, religions in India by celebrating unity in diversity.

Today our children do not lack material or other facilities of life. They lack parental love and attention as both the parents are busy working to earn their living. Saint Mother Teresa once spoke of many kinds of hunger. The hunger our children have is no more for bread but for your love and attention. If we look at the young children today they are busy on smart phones sending and receiving messages. Mobile phones are not necessities during the school years as students move in groups and have a regular time table. They can live without them. Continuous use of mobile phones for listening to music can cause damage to the ears. Radiation from mobile phones affects brain cells. These days many teens are addicted to mobile phones and spend many hours of the day in talking sending messages or giving so called miss or drop calls. Missing or switching off the mobile causes anxiety, irritability and they even get into sleep disorders. My Dear parents, I discourage students having access to mobile phones and going for tuitions and I rather advocate self study. The school has highly qualified knowledgeable faculty imparting value based education. The co-operation from you dear parents though you are quite busy will assist us in moulding your precious children into the image and likeness of God. I look forward with great joy to serve you by being available to both teachers and students by joining hands with our youthful, dynamic humane Principal Sr. Lyra. May God bless all of us as we journey towards the new horizons in creating new heaven and new earth for the greater glory of God

God bless you
(Sr. Joyce)
(Vice Principal)

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